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Privacy Policy

Sensible Talk collects and publishes information from readers who register with the site. We publish the names of readers who submit blog entries, and collect the IP address of everyone who submits a blog entry. (An IP address is a series of numbers, assigned by your Internet Service Provider, that identifies the computer through which you accessed the Internet. It is not the same as your e-mail address.) We also collect the e-mail addresses of our registrants, but do not display those on the site.

Readers who register with the site are invited to submit additional biographical information as well as a personal photograph, which are then published on the reader's public journals and personal profile page.

Registered members can send "blind" e-mails to other registered users via the site. We forward those messages without revealing the recipient's e-mail address. Also, those messages are always sent with the same subject line, allowing recipients to filter them.

We do not rent, lease, sell or reveal our member database to anyone. The only e-mails we send to our readers are registration confirmations, password reminders, and an optional daily newsletter, which registrants may decline to receive when they register.

Since March 2011, comments on the site are handled through Facebook, so Facebook's privacy policy applies for those.

Please submit any questions about our privacy policy, or the information we collect, to the site's editors, via our Contact page.

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