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Top quotes for would-be online publishing entrepreneurs

Robert Niles
Published: February 13, 2013 at 3:31 PM (MST)
Do you like to highlight passages in a book when you read?

If you've not used eBooks before, you might think that you'd lose that ability. After all, you can't exactly take a highlighter to a screen. But major eBook readers have a highlighting function built in (along with search, bookmarking, a dictionary for word look-up, and more.) One of the neat things that Amazon does is to aggregate that information for publishers, allowing people to see what the most-highlighted passages are in a particular book.

I've enjoyed discovering what readers have highlighted in my guidebook for website publishers, How to Make Money Publishing Community News Online. Most of these top quotes focus on the questions of defining the needs your website will fulfill and finding customers who'll pay you to fulfill those needs. Here are the top five quotes from my book, via Amazon:

Why is this important? Why is now the time to do this? Why are you the one who can do this? Why have you come to me?
9 Highlighters

Unless they're collectively paying you enough to cover a significant portion of the cost of doing business, those readers are not your customers. They're your audience, instead.
6 Highlighters

In envisioning your audience, then, focus your efforts not just to attract readers, but to attract readers that will, in turn, attract financial backers for your site, whether they be advertisers or non-profit foundations with their own needs and agendas.
6 Highlighters

The answer to the question "Why would anyone pay me money to do this?" must be: "Because I will meet a need no one else can."
4 Highlighters

The best way to meet the needs of advertisers is to serve the needs of your audience.
4 Highlighters

If you're interested in reading more, these quotes come from Chapter 1 of my book, which I excerpted earlier here on Sensible Talk. Of course, you can download the entire book, too. At just $6.99, I think it's an excellent investment in anyone's career.

Thanks for reading.

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