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Robert Niles

Robert Niles: February 2010 archive

February 15, 2010

More damage from the collapse of the housing bubble

For 10 years, people bought over-priced houses they could not afford without borrowing extreme amounts of money that they would never be able to pay back. When that Ponzi scheme ended and the economy collapsed, the government chose first to bail out the bankers who made those loans.

The losers in that decision? Among others, the nation's kids.
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February 9, 2010

Which city's sports fans have suffered the most? The 2010 Sports Misery Index

Which city's sports fans have suffered the most?

As a stats geek, I'm not happy with answers that rely on goats and curses. Nor can I accept that fans of one team have suffered too terribly when the other pro teams in that same city have racked up one championship after another. (Jets fans, I'm looking at you.)

So in 2007 on my site I developed a quantitative solution to answering this question: The Sports Misery Index.

In short, here's how it works: A city gets one point for each season played by its pro sports teams since the last calendar year in which one of those teams won a championship.
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February 8, 2010

The best old-school bite to eat in LA?

This is for readers in the Los Angeles area (or anyone who's spent some time in LA).

Which of these old-school LA-area joints would you most like to go to for lunch?

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