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It's just dumb politics to unfriend a foe online
August 22, 2017: What do you want? A better Facebook feed... or a better world in which to live? Because if we want that better world, we are going to need every friend we can get.

Letter to a white nationalist
August 14, 2017: If working-class Americans finally are to get the jobs and pay that they deserve, we've got to stop fight each with other and start fighting for each other.

About Robert Niles

Robert Niles

A one-time math geek who found his way into the news business, Robert has spent the last decade showing how it's still possible to bring together conservatives and liberals, evangelicals and atheists, and — even more astoundingly — Disney and Universal fans online.

The secret? Treat your readers with respect — give them what they need in exchange for their time and attention. Trolling for quick hits and stupid cash might make Wall Street happy, but that's no way to make a living if you're trying to live with yourself.

Robert's main gig these days is running Theme Park Insider, an online guide to the world's top theme parks that has been honored by the Webby Awards and the Online News Association. He also writes a weekly column on theme parks for the Orange County Register and Digital First Media, in addition to posting here at

A Los Angeles native, Robert graduated from Northwestern University, then worked at Walt Disney World as a Pirate of the Caribbean and a Tom Sawyer Island raft driver before getting into the news business, working for the [Denver] Rocky Mountain News and the Los Angeles Times along the way.

To inquire about media and speaking availability, please email Robert at

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