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Sensible Talk posts from 2013

January 7: We need to get smarter about reporting the news -- and responding to it, too

January 8: How does the Internet work?

January 10: Five steps to take before giving up on publishing a local news website

January 14: Build a ladder of interactivity to engage your readers with your publishing business

January 16: Are journalists supposed to tell the truth, or tell a story?

January 23: Want to Start a Website Business? Find an Unmet Need

January 29: Don't just write about the news -- link to it!

February 4: Five reasons journalists make great entrepreneurs

February 13: Top quotes for would-be online publishing entrepreneurs

February 14: Want to catch people stealing your website content? Use an RSS honeypot

March 7: The myth of the 'excellent teacher'

March 11: If we want to build support for public education, we need to reframe the public discussion about it

April 17: Why I'm not opting my kids out of standardized tests

May 20: How California's system for funding public schools enables economic segregation

June 6: Look who's trying to steal your tax dollars

July 27: You don't have to settle for McDonald's on a cross-country roadtrip anymore

August 8: An increase in poverty leads to a decrease in school test scores

September 25: Pasadena can't properly support four public high schools any longer

October 31: Public schools aren't broken. So why are we trying so hard to break them?

November 26: The many problems with Common Core

December 2: Robert's new Orlando theme park guidebook is out

December 6: When America stands on the wrong side of history

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