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Sensible Talk posts from 2008

June 15: It's Time for Sensible Talk

June 16: Nugget of Wisdom

June 16: Rate Card Silliness

June 17: Thank You

June 17: Robert's Web Advertising Tip of the Day

June 17: Putting 'Liberal Bias' in Context

June 18: Getting the Story Out... Or Getting the Story

June 18: Questions Reporters Ought to Ask Political Candidates

June 19: Link from a Reader:

June 19: What's Happened to Mortgages Wasn't Just a Crisis, It Was a Crime

June 20: Thanks for a Great Week!

June 22: Dan Gillmor on Entrepreneurial Journalism

June 24: Cracking the Local Market: Beyond 2.0's Wizards of Oz

June 24: Cracking the Local Market: What Suburban Weeklies Can Teach

June 27: Talking sensibly with kids

June 27: Cracking the Local Market: The Inherent Difficulty

June 29: Cracking the Local Market: It's a Great Time to be a Journalist

June 30: Natalie's Theory of Children's Entertainment

June 30: Call for Papers

July 1: Medill prepares to train journalist/programmers of tomorrow

July 2: Do you want to be the windshield... or the bug?

July 2: A tweak to the RSS feed

July 3: One for the theme park fans

July 6: Jesse Helms was a bigot: Deal with it

July 7: Even if you're not giving to candidates, you're still paying for campaigns

July 8: The Last Classical Music Critic

July 9: Critics should be the last journalists to go

July 9: You control your YouTube

July 10: America's economic future, revealed

July 10: AP flunks Poll Analysis 101

July 11: What they say/What they mean, Op. 1

July 12: Don't blame depositors for IndyMac's failure

July 14: Algebra can be easy

July 15: Random advice: For The New Yorker

July 16: Robert's Web tip of the day: Use eye-tracking

July 16: Cell phone silliness

July 17: What they say/What they mean, Op. 2

July 17: 'Prime Mortgages Look Terrible,' and here is why...

July 21: What they say/What they mean, Op. 3

July 22: It's time for journalism to face the music

July 23: What they say/What they mean, Op. 4

July 25: Even the responsible got sucked in by the housing bubble mania

July 27: Tips for news reporters covering the Unitarian Universalist church

July 28: What they say/What they mean, Op. 5

July 28: Child buys newspaper; parents in shock

July 30: Earthquake shows how government regulation saves lives

July 31: What they say/What they mean, Op. 6

August 4: Industry campaign omits much of the story about BPA

August 11: McCain, government and Logic 101

August 14: Error of the day

August 19: The Future of Print Readership: Following Cultural Trends

August 19: Doubling down to bankruptcy

August 20: The Future of Print Readership: The Role of Story Content/Presentation

August 20: Dump the drinking age

August 22: Multimedia Journalism: The Age of New Technology and New Opportunities

August 22: Robert's rule of computer programming

August 28: Print and Online Newspapers: Working Together, Becoming Stronger

August 28: Advice for the newspaper industry

September 16: Scammers scraping phone numbers, street addresses for spam call and postal mail campaigns

September 30: It's the gambling, stupid: American families sick of economy that values gambling over work

October 13: How two newspapers followed Laurie's scoop from yesterday

December 17: Just make the call

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